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Please see the major issues which we can see by running some online tools available which can improve the overall speed of the project:

Specify image dimensions:

  • There is a need to put the dimensions of each of the images on the web.
  • We would need to set the dimension for all the images.
  • We will also set dimension of uploaded images.

Also, moving on you would also need to set image dimensions when you upload the images to the server.

Optimize images:

Though most of the images are optimized for web use, however, some of the online tools are pointing towards sets of images so that these could be further optimized for better load time.

Defer parsing of JavaScript:

Many online tools suggest that we defer the parsing of JavaScripts.

The way the current project is set up we cannot defer the parsing of JavaScript as the main data and computations are managed using the JavaScripts. If we defer these then the pages would not be able to send the correct values on AJAX calls without completely reloading the page.

Add Expires headers and TAGS:

his helps reduce server trips by telling the browser to fetch the information from the data already in the browser or by asking for it again to the server.

This should be checked and updated by settings scripts in the.Htaccess file and setting tags for various files.

Make fewer HTTP requests:

This issue comes when the website has many JavaScript and CSS files and we have to merge these for better performance. During merging some file conflicts occurs, we would need to manage it accordingly.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

This is the server related point. This can be checked at our end to some extent, but majorly this needs to be checked by the server guys.

Minify JavaScript and CSS:

Since most of the features are computed at runtime using JavaScript, it becomes difficult to minify JavaScript and CSS in its current state.

Reduce DNS lookups:

According to reviews and issues identified with online tools, there are multiple calls made to multiple servers on the project, these multiple server trips cause a bit of slowness while loading the pages.

All the features which are pinging to each of the server URL would need to be checked and further scrutinized so that we can sort this point.

Use cookie-free domains

This is again more like research type work where the data is pulled from various different places over the domain in a web environment. It is best to put all the commonly used Static files on a subdomain and not on an external location.

We analyzing More Than 17+ Different Factors:

  1. Defer parsing of JavaScript.
  2. Browser caching.
  3. Cache validation.
  4. Combining images using CSS sprites.
  5. Images optimization.
  6. Removing query strings from static resources.
  7. Minifying HTML.
  8. Minifying CSS.
  9. Minifying JavaScript.
  10. Enabling gzip compression.
  11. Checking bad requests.
  12. Checking characters set in the meta tag.
  13. Checking landing page redirects.
  14. Minimizing redirects.
  15. Minimizing request size.
  16. Optimizing the order of styles and scripts.
  17. Serving resources from a consistent URL.
  18. Checking CSS @import.

The arrangement, designing and managing of an e-commerce shop like a Magento shop holds a lot of importance for your business. A second’s delay and you are off the traffic peak.

The busy world has made a sale and purchase a matter of just a few seconds. Your webshop can’t afford to make customers wait with a slow response time. It can badly affect your conversion rate.

Now here comes the importance of Magento speed optimization. All the online merchants out there speed up Magento site so as to make sure your Magento shop can grow by changing the server and e-commerce configuration quickly if your business needs this.

A Magento shop in itself is qualified to meet these requirements exceptionally. With Magento, you experience the most flexible and powerful e-commerce platform which can be scaled easily in a growing business.

But what makes sense is a perfect hosting configuration (server and server os), which is configured exactly on your Magento shop, is the key to scaling of your growing business in an easy way.

What you need is an optimized configuration high-performance server setup (multi-server environment) and improved response times of Magento, to acquire a traffic amounting to millions of catalog views and orders per day. The effects of the optimization can be seen when the capacity to accommodate increased, the number of visitors goes higher and higher, the conversion rate is improved, the hosting costs are decreased as a result of improved hardware efficiency.

All this is made possible with Magento technical support because only through a proper configuration of Magento with the appropriate hardware capabilities and software configuration leads to a significant improvement in overall system performance.

Magento support team on the basis of its tests and experience provides you with an optimal combination of data caching, hardware and software configuration to improve the response times as well as greater processing power for supporting a large number of page views and orders per day. They enhance flexibility which makes server managing very easy and fast.

They enable Deployment Speed for immediate start and test of your new Magento instantly, which is helpful when you´re running big promotions or you just need to update your Magento.

Magento support teams are efficient in providing best infrastructure and if there is an issue you are still online with a reduced capacity.

They enhance your webshop performance at very economical prices as you are required to pay for the services you take for the time they are running and you can tune a large Magento shop to your server infrastructure, based on traffic or other facts.

With the Magento support team, you get the flexibility for configuring the hardware by best price, you can expand internationally as the team offers worldwide datacenters that guarantee the same flexibility and safety worldwide.

Hire the services of Magento support team and take your site on a speed ride to fly high on the wings of success with profits at your end. Grow your speed and your business with Magento technical support.

Our Magento Speed Optimization Service Core Features:

Decrease The Load Time

Your website will load much faster helping in better user engagement

Maximum Speed

Your overall website speed will get increased to its maximum possible level

Fixing Magento Errors

Solving all related possible errors that might cause your website to render at a slower rate

Professional Support

The best Magento technical support will help you in everything you need along the way

Our Magento speed optimization service

Our Magento speed optimization service includes a free content delivery network (CDN) installation and configuration. In case you don’t have any CDN, this will be totally covered up for you. On the other hand, if you do have a CDN installed, we will re-configure it in order for your website to reach its optimal possible performance and maximum speed.

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