Our Key Magento Code Audit Services

  1. Magento Code Architecture Review
  2. PHP/CSS/JS Code Quality Review
  3. Third Party Extension Review
  4. Database Integrity Review
  5. Custom Module Review
  6. Performance Review
  7. Server Review
  8. Security Review
  9. Usability & SEO Review
  10. Proper usage of Magento code pools
  11. Security check for external sources (GET, POST, database, session)
  12. Debugging to trace down PHP Notices or PHP Warnings
  13. Check for Zend Coding Standards
A Magento code audit typically consists of the following steps
  1. The website’s code is compared to the platform-specific core code. It’s usually not the best practices to have anything modified in the core code, or else it will be very difficult to upgrade to new versions of the platform. all the modified files need to be tracked and check for any problems individually.
  2. The back-end team analyses modules and code to ensure that best practices are followed.
  3. Team reviews checkout and user registration flow to ensure that functionality is working as per expectation.
  4. Front-end team checks to make sure design themes are set up correctly and it is not breaking in various browsers and mobile devices and that the theme structure is verified and follows XML-specific best practices.
  5. Front-end developers check that settings are enabled to combine CSS and JavaScript files to increase site optimization. a detailed analysis is done to remove stale JS and CSS.
  6. The code is reviewed to ensure that nothing has been modified that shouldn’t have been and to give the team an idea of the modules that have been built and configured.6. The team reviews the website across several different browsers to ensure consistency of layout and styles.
  7. The team reviews the website across several different browsers to ensure consistency of layout and styles.
  8. Team also review if any extension is installed and is not in use anywhere.

Want to establish a Magento 2 platform that has custom modules offering high performance, great code quality, and unparalleled functionality.

The ideal way to improve the quality of your Magento site is Code Audit. But, what is a Code Audit and how it is done?

Code Audit

Our team at ABC will perform an analysis on your Magento 2 site. We will evaluate not only your Magento 2 customization but also third-party integration to provide better functionality to your website. ABC also renders our clients with all the documents that summarize the quality, and performance of the Magento store along with the security aspect and upgradability issues. We also recommend the best solutions to eradicate the existing problems.

Why is Code Audit done?

Code audit is performed to ensure the proper functioning and high standards of the extensions of the Magento 2 custom modules. If the owner of the Magento 2 online stores wants to check the quality of the Magento 2 customisation, he can hire our certified Magento developers who will make an action plan with step by step approach along with measures to be taken.

How is a Code Audit performed?

During a code Audit, we scrutinize the code and provide solutions for the enhanced management of the Magento 2 code. These areas of inspection are mentioned below:
  1. Performance Issues
  2. Quality of Code considering latest practices being used for Magento 2
  3. Functionality
  4. Potential Security Threats
  5. Proper Application of Magento Coding Standards
  6. Reverse Custom Code Compatibility
  7. Standard of Customized Themes
  8. Structure of Database
  9. Functioning of all types of Modules
  10. JavaScript Quality

For every new client, we make sure that their Magento source code is audited before anything else. This not only helps ABC to find the accurate estimates for the upgrades but also provides security measurements that the client needs to follow.

The examination of the code enables us to understand many things about the Magento platform such as its version, the plugin installed and altered core files. Thus, the process helps us to address the issues and find the suitable solution to eliminate problems.

Our Magento professionals look for bugs and vulnerable code so that your online store can function without any error.

At the end of the Code Audit, a detailed report is submitted with all the redundancies and problematic areas that need attention, and required measures are also suggested so that your Magento site can be optimized.

During the code audit, WebAppMate reviews what has been modified in a website’s codebase. If changes have been made to the core files, we provide the client with a list of what’s been changed. This is useful for clients who are planning to upgrade to a newer version of their current platform.

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