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Magento Hourly Support and Monthly Support Package: Which One is Suitable for You?

Posted by:Rohin Jain onJuly 3, 2018

Magento is a powerful and a complicated e-commerce platform that is used extensively by many websites across the globe. Even the most perfectly built website has few issues. The performance of the website is not always smooth.

Magento websites eventually faces many hidden drawbacks related to security, bugs, outdated versions, conflict configuration that can occur anytime during the operation process.

This is one of the main reason that is turning Magento agency that provide round the clock high-quality support services so that they can resolve any problem timely.

Different types of Magento Technical Support

The most popular ones are Magento Monthly Support Package and Hourly Support. The Magento Support Team of Makemymage is highly specialized and provides ongoing support to all clients. Magento store owners select the best package that is suitable for their business.

What is best suited for site Magento Monthly Support Package and Magento Hourly Support?

Makemymage offers technical support for instant help of technical support to online store owners. After receiving the support request the team estimates time required for solving the problem. The programmers of Makemymage offer support at the most affordable rates. The monthly support package tackles one issue at a time. Once the issue is resolved and the site is running smoothly the owners can ask for more requests.

The Magento Monthly Support plan of Makemymage offers support for certain amount of time every month. These hours can be used by the site owners to develop the site and fix any issues.

The packages are available in different blocks: Silver, Gold and Platinum that can be purchased. Each block has fixed hours per month. The hourly blocks range from 10, 20, to 30 hours/month. The expert and certified developers will easily handle issues such as bug fixes, security updates, managed source codes; develop customized features or templates and many other solutions for the digital store.

Pros and Cons of Magento Monthly Support Package

The Magento monthly package of offers 24/7 professional assistance to handle any problem related to the website. The package includes the responsibility of optimizing the website and it also ensures that it runs without any obstacles.
It provides support service for security threats, bugs, regular updates, upgrading the site, development of new features and functions. Magento online training is also offered in the package.

It foresees threats that may affect the site and propose solution to avoid it. Support is provided at any time of requirement in monthly package.

It is not cost effective as fixed monthly cost has to be paid even if there are no issues. The experts allow relocating unused hours for the next month.

Pros and cons of Hourly Support Service
Hourly support focuses only on the problem. It is short-term and saves money as regular support is not always required.

It is advisable to take help of those who created the Magento website rather than hiring other agency. Certain issues are not resolved immediately and require more time. This would increase the budget. At times hourly packages get more expensive than monthly package. It can only solve the problem but not prevent it.

Magento support team of Makemymage offers Magento technical support to make your store run efficiently.

Select the package of your choice although Monthly Support package has more advantages in long run.

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