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All That You Need to Know About Magento CE Enterprise update

Posted by:Rohin Jain onApril 14, 2018

For many years Magento customers have had discussions with MW2 on Community or Enterprise platforms. After Enterprise 1.14.1 has been approved, Magento has given higher gears to the e-commerce goals. Magento Development Services focus on the latest advancements.

Here are some of the important highlights that tell us about the advantages of Community versus Enterprise Edition:

Customer Segmentation:

This is a very powerful tool for doing advanced segmentation/ marketing for your customers, as it a allow you to select customers at random and provide various benefits to them: like free shipping, discounts etc.

This feature is competent enough to set complex marketing campaigns within minutes. These campaigns are easy to manage and changes are also possible during its running. Later analysis of the campaign shows the effectiveness of these campaigns in the form of increased traffic or revenue conversation.

Built-in features to increase customer loyalty:

To encourage customers to buy more and increase loyalty of the customer, Magento Enterprise has many built-in tools which offer gift registry, gift wrapping, reward points, gift cards. But Magento Community has no such built-in feature.

Full page Caching:

The site has a HTML based snapshot, through which the web server gives quick results and the page gets loaded within 1 or 2 seconds but it full page cache is not used there is more load and the page takes 5 to 8 seconds. This delay in loading the page brings traffic loss to the merchant and shopping carts.

Improved performance and scalability:

Magento Enterprises has a code base which is specially designed for its uses with lots of traffic and lots of people buying their products. The code base of Magento Enterprise has been so well designed that it is capable of handling multiple app servers that balance the load. Magneto EE also has a code base which helps to speed up the process of checking out.

SOLR search:

Magento EE has the support of SOLR search optimisation server which is capable of providing better functionality of the search then default MySQL full text search algorithm. But if this is down with CE, the development cost becomes higher in comparison to Magento EE.

Improved re-indexing performance:

For re- indexing catalogue, Magento Enterprise 1.13 version is faster by 80%. It has more performance features then community Enterprise. Re-indexing the catalogue of many products is not possible without this feature, as it makes the search slow on the site. It gives a good experience to the customer by instantly showing the prices and product descriptions in a catalogue.

Ability to manage customer attributes:

Through admin panel in Magneto EE, the customer’s attributes can be edited. You need to contact Magento developer whenever you have to make changes in the admin, database and my account page, or to add, delete or edit customers attribute in case of Magento CE.

Private sales:

Through the interface the users can contact directly, to know about the set pricing and the products which are available to only selected customer segments or customers group.

Improved ability to roll-back changes:

For CMS pages Magento EE has the built in version to control functionality. If there is any need to make changes then the roll-back of the entire history along with the time stamps can be seen.

The “staging” feature of Magneto EE helps you to create or staging website, so that before a product gets into the market changes can be made according to the reviews.

Enhanced tax calculation system:

Magento EE has an improved built-in tax rate import export feature which saves time and avoids manual mistakes. It is impossible to insert all this information manually.

PCI compliant code:

Although merchants are provided with a secured payment bridge by Magento Enterprise but they still need PCI compliant server to store and collect the information of their credit cards. Magento Enterprise helps to check the major payment gateways and a few others in order to fulfil PCI compliance.

Magento technical support:

You receive full support of Magneto team members at the time of purchase of Magento EE licence whereas this is not in case of CE. But in case of issues with the functionality of core Magento, the dedicated technical support from Magento will be of great help.

Magento has given more energy to Magento Enterprise code base. There have been 350 improvements in the code base with the release of latest Magento Enterprise version 1.13. There are solution providers focusing on Magento Ecommerce Development and present scenario.

It has made changes in all fields according to the customer’s needs like: search page and design catalogue, admin order creation, shopping carts, product pages, functionality of import and export, payment modes and web components.

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